If You Suffer A Life-Changing Injury In The Midlands Or Low Country

A catastrophic injury will not only destroy the hopes and dreams for your own future, but the future of your family and loved ones, as well. If you suffered a life-changing injury in an accident, you have the right to fight for the full and fair monetary compensation you will need for a lifetime of medical and financial damages.

At Wilson & Luginbill LLC, in Barnwell County and Bamberg County, South Carolina, we have a proud record of aggressively protecting the rights of people who suffer life-altering injuries because of another party's negligence or misconduct.

We have recovered over $1 million each for many clients with such catastrophic injuries as loss of vision or major bodily injuries that affect them for the rest of their lives.

Our attorneys' experience in complex catastrophic injury cases includes:

  • Brain injury, traumatic head injuries
  • Loss of limb, hand or foot, amputation injuries
  • Severe burns, including fire, explosion, electrical shock
  • Spine, neck injuries, paraplegia
  • Compound fractures, crush injuries
  • Loss of eyesight, blindness
  • Fatal injuries, wrongful death claims

Catastrophic Injuries Due To Medical Negligence

Many life-changing injuries result from errors made by doctors and medical professionals, either because of misdiagnosis, prescription mistakes or during a surgical procedure. We are recognized among the preeminent litigation firms handling complex medical malpractice litigation.

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