Protecting The Civil Rights Of People Injured By The Police In The Midlands And Low Country

Altercations between police and citizens are beginning to show up in videos on the news and social media nearly every day in America. As the police begin coming under increased scrutiny regarding their tactics in our communities, too many are responding with increasing violence while making arrests.

Excessive Force And Police Brutality. What Is The Difference?

Technically, there is no such charge as "police brutality" in South Carolina. Police may face a civil charge of police misconduct for violating a person's civil rights by using unapproved methods at the scene of an altercation with a citizen. This can include physically restraining a suspect using unapproved holds, using unnecessary physical force to remove a bystander from the scene of an altercation all the way up to the use of deadly force. Police may be liable for the injuries caused if they lacked the constitutional right to use force or if they were negligent in failing to follow proper training and protocols.

We also represent people who have had their rights violated by being wrongfully detained, searched or arrested by law enforcement officials.

If you or a loved one were the victim of excessive force by a police officer in South Carolina, stand up for your civil rights. Talk to an attorney Wilson & Luginbill LLC, in Barnwell or Bamberg. A lawyer will review your circumstances in a free consultation and explain your options for filing a claim for damages from the municipality responsible for employing the officer or officers involved.

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